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Rich History for Brisbane Muay Thai Family Gyms

The closing of the doors at Ironfist Muay Thai & Self Defense in Rochedale, Brisbane is the end of a chapter for many of it's students. The Ironfist Gym was founded by people (such as head instructed Daniel “Ironfist” bell ) who had been around longer than the sport has existed in Queensland, and witnessed the transformation of the sport into what it is today.

Muay Thai was created in Thailand hundreds of years ago, as a way for warriors to defeat their enemies in wars that occurred between countries such as Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia. The close range combat often would result with warriors being unarmed, and therefore they would train their body to act as a weapon instead. Over the last 100 years it has changed along with Western influence, to become a sport with rules and regulations, in some ways similar to boxing. In Australia however, the history is much shorter.

Before muay thai became popular, it was kickboxing in the west. More well known kickboxers who are still around today such, as Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez, or Don Wilson, were making a name for themselves on the kickboxing circuits. Most kickboxers in Australia had a Karate background, with many of the martial artists originating from Bob Jones' dojos in Melbourne and then Malcolm Anderson's dojos after he began to popularise it in Queensland. Malcolm Anderson along with others such as Dave Briggs, the father of Nathan and Paul Briggs, would promote kickboxing shows in Brisbane, and trained many of Australia’s greatest Muay Thai fighters. These men would often go back to Thailand to train with some of the best Thai trainers in order to learn the art to bring back to their students in Australia. Many of these students would go on to create their own gyms with a strong stable of fighters, with Ironfist founder, Daniel Bell , being amongst them.


(Daniel Bell  building the Ironfist gym from the ground up)

Daniel Bell  started martial arts at a young age training near his local Marsden Highschool in Tae Kwon Do, before changing to kickboxing in his early 'teens. His transition proved to be a successful one, after winning various Queensland Titles in multiple weight divisions. Some of his early bouts were before the sport changed into what it is now, with fights taking place on a flat surface without ropes to contain the fights, and longer pants being worn, rather than the shorts which almost all fighters wear today.

For years his training took place on the concrete of his parents' property, which eventually would become the location for the legendary Ironfist gym. The gym officially opened in 2001, and only  (three) short years later required renovations to increase the floorspace to almost double it's size. Word had begun to spread about the Muay Thai & kickboxing gym, and many people were coming to learn and train with champions. Born to Ironfist is a list of Champions which is too long to name. The long list includes Dale “ Damager” Sharrock, Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson, Andrew Marsden, Ben Johnston , Jimmy Urwin, Andy “Assassin” Smith, and Joel Gadischkie, to name a few.




The classes were run by Daniel Bell  originally, but as his schedule became busier some of his more than accomplished students began to run the classes in his absence. Queensland champion Andrew Marsden taught for many years alongside Masato Fujimori , and toward the end, The Fight Centre Brisbane co-owner, Ben Johnston , began to run beginner classes. All classes took place under the watchful eye of Dan's father, Allan, who would always prove to be a cornerstone in the gym and a strong father figure for many of the students. “Old school” is the best way to begin to describe him.

Over the 14 years the gym was running, many people have come and gone, and Ironfist has had more than it's fair share of champions, but none of these students would turn out to be more special than Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson. He came into the gym as a 14 year old kid on his way down the wrong path, but the guidance of Daniel  and Allan Bell steered him toward the path which he is on today. Michael has now had over 50 fights, and three world titles to his name. He has beaten some notable international opponents including Thailand's Pornsanae, who has been one of Thailand's greatest for years, and had fought many times inside the famous Lumpinee stadium.


Many believed it was not a good fight for Michael to take. He went on to dominate Pornsanae in the first two rounds and came out the winner, finding that the MMA gloves worn in John Wayne Parr's “Caged Muay Thai” series, worked in his favour. Many would agree that today he is one of the best known Australian fighters in current circulation.


Closing date of the Ironfist Gym & a New Beginning…

The gym had undoubtedly been successful, but was a large commitment for Daniel  and his family. He had been running the gym alongside his other business for years and having both was proving to be too demanding on his time, which ultimately led to the tough decision to close the doors being made. After telling his members about the poli casinos decision, the core group of fighters had decided that they wanted to keep training together rather than disband and all end up in different gyms. It was only a few day later that plans were in motion for the members to find a new place, with Ben Johnston  and James Jarvie making the decision that they would find a new facility.

Ironfist had closed its doors before Christmas of 2014, and when the new year came around, The Fight Centre – Brisbane was up and running. Almost every fighter that Ironfist had brought through the ranks had also come over to the new facility in Springwood and called The Fight Centre -Brisbane their new home. The fighters and founders of TFC knew that no one could replace Ironfist, but to start something new with the strong foundation and good sense of morals that had begun with Daniel  and Allan bell, was sure to be a success and a place that they could go without having to start again from the beginning.



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Rumble at the Ridge - June 7
Ironfist boys Jimmy "J-slice" Irwin and RD Davies are fighting at the Acacia ridge hotel on June 7. This will be another action packed card with Jimmy fighting in a 4-man eliminator tournament against 3 of Australia's toughest opponents. RD is back in the ring to no-doubt give another exciting performance. Get your tickets through the gym to support the boys!

General Admission - $40
Ringside seats - $60
World Championships


Corey, Ben, Matt, Al, and Mitch are in Malaysia to represent Australia in the World Championships this week. A big Thankyou goes out to all of the people that supported them with donations as it would not have happened without them! There are 101 countries and over 1500 competitors across all weight divisions, but the boys are hungry and chasing Gold medals for Australia. Good luck boys!!

Fights at Fitsy's
Last night 2 out of the 3 Ironfist warriors walked away from their bouts victorious at the "No Surrender" show in Logan. Russel had a great fight, dominating his opponent after both of the fighters felt each other out in the first round. Rachel, had a back-and-forth war with her opponent, with Rachel taking an aggressive approach, and her opponent taking a technical approach. The fight could have gone either way, but in the end it was Rachel that had her hand raised. Drew had a tough night, wearing a blow to the ribs early on which put him down, and unfortunately he was unable to continue. I'm sure we will still see him back at the gym on monday smashing a heavy-bag to get ready for his next one!
Adrenaline 2.0

A tough night for our boys on the Adrenaline 2.0 fight show in Redcliffe. Both of the boys fought their hearts out but unfortuntely it wasn't meant to be.

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